The Japan Society is hosting a special online workshop, focusing on how to teach haiku, to celebrate the recent launch of the 17th World Children’s Haiku Contest.

Haiku are sometimes thought of only as poems with 7-5-7 syllables – but they are so much more! Writing haiku is a great way to foster creativity and get young people excited about poetry as they take inspiration from the world around them.

This workshop will specifically focus on how to teach haiku to children and young people; join haiku poet Paul Conneally as he introduces this short-form of poetry and shares his advice and gives practical guidance for teaching haiku – both inside and outside the classroom.

The free workshop includes:

– What makes a haiku and common misconceptions
– How to introduce haiku and haiku workshops to children
– Ideas on how to approach this year’s haiku contest theme – ‘towns’
– Q&A with Paul

Visit here to book: