Children’s Short Story Competition. Deadline 30th November 2020. First prize £100. Details at Maximum length 1,000 words.

Run by Ecologisers, the Young People’s Anti-Litter and Environmental Charity. Part of a ten year project to the adoption of EcoSanta as the secular mythological hero, THE environmental champion of our age, to seed a deep attitude-change in our human relationship with Planet Earth for the next generation. The morph from Santa Claus to EcoSanta is already seeded in the culture as ‘Green Santa’. Yet its potential to be a strong player in a complete attitude-change for the next generation is, as yet, unrealised.

‘Once his sack is empty, EcoSanta is asking children, worldwide, to help him fill it with rubbish the rest of the year as a Gift to the Earth’.

Entries to in Word format.