Join The Literary Consultancy for our Self-Editing Courses. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer, our courses are designed to equip you with the necessary tools to refine your manuscript. Open to writers of both fiction and non-fiction writers with finished drafts or works in progress, our courses break down the editing process into manageable chunks. Led by experienced tutors and drawing on three decades of work with writers, you will delve into crucial elements such as story structure, character development, dialogue dynamics, pacing precision, and mastering your unique style.

TLC Courses take a hands-on approach: course modules include practical exercises that can be applied to your own work in progress. Engage in theory, close analysis of published texts, and practical exercises, receiving personalised guidance every step of the way.

Bursary places are available for low-income writers

Location: Online Format: Live teaching (12 hours per course) Length: 6 weeks Start dates: Self Editing Fiction 17th April; Self Editing Non Fiction 30th April Tutors: Jon Barton and Xanthi Barker

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