The Poetry Bookshop is delighted to be welcoming Jackie Morris, Nicola Davies & John Mitchinson to The Globe at Hay celebrating 5 years of The Lost Words.

Jackie will be chatting with her publisher John Mitchinson about the ever evolving phenomena that is The Lost Words. Hear how it has grown and where it has led her, including her beautiful and meditative new work from Unbound ‘Feather, Leaf, Bark and Stone’ A pillow book of poems, dreams & stories typed on sheets of gold leaf and recently beautifully narrated on film by Michael Sheen and available for pre-order with collection at the event.

Jackie will also be joined by her good friend and collaborator Nicola Davies, as they read from Nicola’s new book Choose Love published this month by Graffeg. In this moving sequence of poems Nicola Davies’s text combines with the superbly evocative illustrations of Petr Horácek to provide insight into the real-life experiences of refugees forced to leave their homes and previous lives behind to face an unknown future. Available for Preorder and collection at the event

“I offer these poems, in love and with respect, in the hope that readers will realise that nothing but circumstance separates any of us from the experience of being a refugee. Humanity faces an uncertain future, and there is only one choice that will get us through. We need to contemplate its deepest meaning and make it anew every day: Choose Love, choose love, every time.” Nicola Davies, 2022

Profits from Ticket Sales for this event will be split equally between three local charities – Hay2Timbuktu, Hay,Talgarth & Brecon Refugees and Brecon Foodbank