A Dylan Odyssey

Explore Swansea and Laugharne, meander around Magdalen College in Oxford, ride a horse and carriage to Fern Hill Farm, and retrace Dylan’s steps in New York in A Dylan Odyssey.

These are just some of the unique experiences which inspired this collection of literary tours  exploring Dylan Thomas’ words through his many worlds, guided by some of Wales’ best writers and artists including comedian and actor Griff Rhys Jones, National Poet of Wales Gillian Clarke and former Archdruid T. James Jones.

The writers took their inspiration from Dylan Thomas’ writing and the landscapes of his life. Stretching across the richness of Welsh culture, people, landscapes, hotels, pubs, restaurants and venues, and beyond, these essays will illuminate Dylan Thomas’ life and words in the settings which inspired him.

This book is a stunning visual and literary guide to Dylan Thomas’ worlds, for both armchair dreamers and on-the-ground visitors.


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