Our Mission states that we will: inspire communities, develop writers, and celebrate the literary culture of Wales.

In creating our Strategic Plan 2019-2022, we consulted widely, reaching out to individuals and organisations from a range of backgrounds. We’re continuing to seek out frequent feedback on our work and provide up to date information on how we’re doing through our Organisational Reports.

The direct interventions and strategies outlined in our Strategic Plan 2019-2022 will lead to tangible societal, cultural and economic improvements which we will track throughout the three years through new models of data collection. We are clear about our remit and have set quantifiable targets which our progress will be measured against.

Click on the reports below to discover compelling evidence of how our work delivers value to the sector, to society and to the taxpayer.

Literature Wales’ Organisational Reports:

To view any organisational report dating back to April 2019, please send a request to

Literature Wales Annual Reports:

Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2022-23 can be viewed here.

To view any annual report dating back to our 2016-17 financial year, please send a request to


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