Bush Meat by Mandy Sutter, new publication on Rarebyte Imprint

Published Mon 16 Oct 2017 - By Literature Wales

BUSH MEAT by Mandy Sutter (New Welsh Rarebyte), winner of the New Welsh Writing Awards 2016: University of South Wales Prize for Travel Writing, will be published on 15 October 2017. Available in print via the Gwales website and bookshops (£10.99) and Kindle e-book (£8.99), it is also available to order in print and e-book.

Bush Meat is inspired by the author’s childhood experiences in early 60s Nigeria, and unifies black, white, indigenous & expat experiences across continents and three generations. Sutter is also the author of chicklit Stretching It and the popular Reluctant Gardener blog. Bush Meat is Sutter’s first literary novel.


There will be a series of launch events, beginning with an Ilkley Literature Festival launch on 15 October, and ending on 30 November in the Grove Bookshop, Ilkley. See for more information on tickets.


Alison Moore, author of the Booker-shortlisted The Lighthouse, has written that ‘Sutter’s writing is

‘atmospheric… wonderfully unexpected… disquieting, touching and darkly humorous.’


Rory MacLean, whose work includes the UK best-sellers Stalin’s Nose, Under the Dragon and Berlin: Imagine a City, writes that

‘[Bush Meat] triumphs, in its lean prose and true dialogue… disarming humour & evocation of a family divided by sexism & racism. Stitches together threads of memory to create a moving tapestry of lost life, building bridges of understanding across time and place, enhancing literature’s ever-changing, ever-supple genre.’


Penelope Shuttle suggests that in Sutter’s writing

‘we discern, in a microcosm, what has happened and is happening in macrocosm in much of the developing world,’ and Gwen Davies, editor of the New Welsh Review, notes that ‘Mandy Sutter’s Nigeria rises like a mirage [creating] a complete arc of innovative concision.’