The musicians are singer-songwriter Karine Polwart, Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis, kora player Seckou Keita, Scottish contemporary folk musician and songwriter Kris Drever, British composer Kerry Andrew, singer and harpist Rachel Newton, cellist Beth Porter and multi-instrumentalist Jim Molyneux.


Macfarlane introduces Spell Songs, new musical commissions based on the book, and takes us further into the world of The Lost Words. Carefully crafted projections of Morris’ artwork accompany the musicians on stage, while Morris paints live during the spellbinding show.

The Lost Words was created by author Macfarlane and artist Morris in response to the removal of everyday nature words from a children’s dictionary, but grew to become a broader protest at the loss of the natural world around us, and a celebration of its wonders.

This is an evening of ‘spells of many kinds that might just, by the old strong magic of being spoken aloud, unfold dreams and songs, and summon lost words back into the mouth and the mind’s eye.’