Della Hill – 2019 Weston Jerwood Creative Fellows Letter

Published Thu 28 Mar 2019 - By Della Hill
Credit: Tim Dickeson

Della Hill, our Development & Communications Officer, was a speaker on the ‘Culture and Inclusivity’ Panel at the Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries Hosts Development Day on Tuesday 12 March 2019.

Lara Ratnaraja, Culture Consultant, chaired the panel and welcomed Della and the other panel members, Mags Patten, Executive Director of Public Policy and Communications for Arts Council England, and Andrew Millar, UK Government Disability Champion, to give their experiences of inclusivity and culture, inspiration and good practice.

Della gave her thoughts on the topic in the form of a letter to herself in 10 years’ time.

“I hope that you have not only left the doors open for those that follow but welcomed them, made them a coffee and explained the challenges they may face”

  • I hope that you found a comfortable identity, and you are happy within your skin
  • I hope that you are still working creatively and haven’t let money, status and power get the best of you
  • I hope that you’ve realised your potential and have taken every opportunity you could take, and have taken it wisely
  • I hope that you have not only left the doors open for those that follow but welcomed them, made them a coffee and explained the challenges they may face
  • Life isn’t a competition – stop comparing yours to your rich friends
  • You don’t like avocado on toast
  • I hope that the term BAME is not used anymore, and if it is, you don’t feel a bit sick when you say it
  • I hope that you have convinced a few more people that grime music translates to poetry, and people are trying to express their selves over the UK through this
  • Don’t doubt yourself
  • I hope that you can embrace your mixed-race skin and use the arts as a blanket to talk about it
  • I hope that you learn to read again to enjoy it, not for university or work
  • I hope you remember how hard it was to do a full-time job and masters at the same time. Pat yourself on the back every once and a while.
  • I hope you are still outspoken, and can speak up when you think things are wrong
  • Give back
  • I hope you never do work or projects for yourself, but sole benefit of the communities and individuals
  • I hope you grow into a woman like those at Literature Wales, smart, driven, strategic and passionate
  • I hope that you still appreciate your upbringing and never fail to be proud of who you are
  • I hope that you are naïve, and you still have a sense of vulnerability that allows you to hope for the best, even at the worst times
  • I hope you have been abroad in the past 6 months
  • Be generous
  • Don’t stay in an environment where you feel uncomfortable
  • Breathe
  • Know your value and your worth – people look up to you
  • Get yourself in a room with people who boost you up — Don’t be so scared, everybody’s gone on the same path
  • I can’t believe where you’re at, because right now you have grown. You are where you are – it seems like miles away.
  • Have fun. Don’t take life so seriously, but don’t be a dick.
  • Stop doubting yourself. You probably still will but stop. You’re going to be where you are – you’ve made yourself.
  • You’re alive. There’s a societal idea of age and success, but don’t limit yourself. Do whatever you want to do – change your course, be free.
  • What are you doing, are you still on track with what you thought that you want to be doing?
  • I hope you’ve busted some creative moves and you have been honest to yourself.
  • Take risks – be brave.
  • I hope you’ve found a work/life balance that suits you and you have a backup plan.
  • I hope that you still appreciate the opportunity that was given to by the Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries and still look back thankfully at how they included you, accepted you and shaped you into the person today. They are a huge part journey. Find them and thank them again.


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