Cardiff Book Festival 2018

Published Wed 26 Sep 2018 - By Pelin Bilici

I am Pelin Bilici, an M.A. British Studies student at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and I am currently doing my internship at Literature Wales. I am thrilled to share my experience of Cardiff Book Festival 2018 with you.

This year’s Cardiff Book Festival offered various events to those who were willing to learn more about the world of books and the cultural sector behind them. As a student enjoying books a lot, I also went to several events.

Masterclass with Hazel Cushion was the first event I started with on Friday. Cushion’s welcoming words and the tips she gave on the process of publishing made it easier and comforting for those who searched for ways to publish their works. Encouraging participants on going and finding the suitable publishing conditions for their works, Hazel Cushion helped turn some dreams into realities.

Year of the Sea with Ifor ap Glyn, Dafydd Elis Thomas and Lleucu Siencyn was another opportunity on Friday for those who wanted to discover the valuable connection between Welsh culture and the sea. Poems Ifor ap Glyn read and the comments Culture Minister Dafydd Elis Thomas made offered a warm environment full of first-hand experiences and stories.

The Friday Night Poetry Party, finally, gave everyone a good feeling of Friday with some of Wales’ most exciting poets. Elizabeth Parker, Claire Williamson, Ross Cogan, Rhian Elizabeth, Mari Ellis Dunning and Rhys Owain Williams not only shared their poems with us but also performed them, making us all laugh and think at the same time.

Create Your Own Comic with Huw Aaron was what gave me a wonderful feeling of Saturday as I was the only participant of that amazing event! Enjoying our one-to-one dialog, I asked Huw Aaron all the questions I had in my mind about comics. He even gave me my own portrait which he sketched in a minute!

Another event I attended on Saturday was Masterclass: An Introduction to Blogging with Rachel Carney. Sharing her first hand experiences with her audience, Rachel Carney gave tips on blogging and made sure that blogging was available for everyone just in a few steps.

The last event for me during Cardiff Book Festival 2018 was the talk given by Lyndall Gordon and Angela V. John on women who had different roles in the shaping of world that we are living in today. Debating the role women play in our daily lives and connecting it to past, both Gordon and John reminded me the power I have as a woman on this interesting world. Gordon signed Outsiders for me and wished me luck with my future studies.

After all these amazing events, I look forward to learning the plan for next year’s Cardiff Book Festival!

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