Project name: The way we see it

Participants: Llamau: Wales’ leading homelessness charity

Lead artist: clare e. potter


Project outcome:

A week’s exhibition spotlight as part of Llamau’s Our World project exhibition.


Project information:

The project will be democratic; a coming together of minds and creative vision to determine how and what we create as a group. The participants can use their talents and insights to co-shape the direction of the workshop format and content. We might make film, poetry, spoken words, scripts. This is a joint enterprise, all of us learning together. Llamau staff, participants and I will reflect as each session progresses – these ongoing conversations forming an important part of the creative process ensuring agency and choice. Ultimately, the aim of the workshops will be for the individuals to feel listened to, empowered and that they are advancing in skills and well-being through fun activities and creative content they can connect with and respond to.


Artist biography:

clare e. potter is a writer-performer who taught in New Orleans. As an arts practitioner, she believes poetry can be a force for personal and social change. She directed a BBC documentary about her local barber resulting in a group forming to save the village miner’s institute.

Awards include two Literature Wales writing bursaries, Arts Council funding for a poetry/jazz collaboration about Hurricane Katrina. clare did a TEDx talk, received commissions for  public poetry installations and translated for the National Poet of Wales. Writer residencies include Moravian Academy, Pennsylvania, The Landmark Trust. She was a Hay Festival Writer at Work. Later this year, she’ll make the People’s Poetry radio show.

“I want to share how reading/hearing/writing poetry can be more radical than just for enjoyment and solace. That making art (spoken word, visual poems etc) is part of a process of healing, accessing self-awareness, strengthening voice and confidence, helping people to advocate for themselves; that creative expression is a tool to confront and change unjust or inefficient policies. I hope this project builds on the participants’ strengths, provides new skills and insights so that they will feel emboldened. I’m looking forward to supporting them through this creative time.”