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Steve Killick

Steve is a storyteller, writer and psychologist and unites these domains in his exploration of stories and emotions. Stories make us feel and remind us of our humanity. For children, stories are the most natural way of learning about feelings and relationships and to move towards dreams. Born in Devon, Steve came to Cardiff in 1982 and has been there ever since.  He worked as a clown and performer before training as a clinical psychologist and working in the NHS.  With a life-long love of stories he also began working as a storyteller, and uses stories in his work in health and education. 

He has been very interested in the links between stories and emotional literacy and how storytelling builds relationships.  As well as his published books he has written several academic papers about the benefits of stories and fiction in children’s development.  He is currently working with schools in South Wales on a PHSE project, ‘Feelings are a Funny Thing’ which uses storytelling and discussion to promote emotional literacy and creative writing.  It will also form the basis of an illustrated storybook for parents and children.

He is also working with Taffy Thomas the First UK Storytelling Laureate on anew book, Home Truths-The value and importance of Family Storytelling.   This book will include a collection of traditional tales.  He is also working on a collection of ancient Indian folk tales about King Vikram.   He also does entertaining storytelling performances in schools and elsewhere.  He is an honorary tutor at Cardiff University and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Selected Publications:


Building Relationships Through Storytelling:A Foster Carer’s Guide to Stories and Attachment. (with Maria Boffey and commissioned by the Fostering Network, it contains a number of traditional tales. It is available as a free download from the Fostering Network website)

Telling Tales-Storytelling as Emotional Literacy (with Taffy Thomas, Eprint, 2007)

Emotional Literacy at the Heart of the School Ethos (Sage, 2006)

Giving Sorrow Words (with Stuart Lindemen, Sage 2003)


Family Storytelling and the Attachment Relationship. (with Neil Frude) Psychodynamic Review, 2011.

The Teller, The Tale and the Told:A Psychology of Storytelling. (with Neil Frude) The Psychologist, 2009.

Contributed to:

Therapeutic Stories:A Collection of Stories and Narrative Ideas. Edited by B.Bowen & G.Robinson (AFT Publishing, 1999)

Telling Tales: Storytelling as Emotional Literacy by Steve Killick & Taffy Thomas (Eprint, 2007)

Telling TalesTelling Tales describes how telling stories is a powerful communication and learning tool for schools or for other organisations that work with children and young people. The theory of Emotional Literacy is described and used as a basis for thinking about how stories can be used to facilitate children’s learning and well being in the school setting and how they can aid social and emotional development. As well as giving a basic theoretical approach, practical guidelines on how to tell stories in the classroom that captivate, amuse and move listeners are given. There is also a rich selection of stories that can be used across the age range that can enhance emotional understanding and expression and help develop relationship skills.

Key Points:- 

  • The educational value of telling stories and how stories enhance emotional literacy are fully described.
  • Practical skills are given for both telling stories and helping children create and tell their own stories.
  • Over 30 traditional tales ready for telling

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With respect to Telling Tales: Storytelling as Emotional Literacy (Eprint Publishing, 2007) 

“…He leaves you in no doubt of the value of storytelling in entertainment, sharing information, developing a narrative thread, or imparting wisdom on how to behave within a culture. Most of all he shows how stories help emotional and social underst

anding………Many of the stories in this book are ones that I use myself, and have found them most effective. There are some that I hadn’t come across before or hadn’t realised they could be used in this way...” Janet Dowling, Storylines

“...The book, which is launched at the Wales Millennium Centre, explains the theory of emotional literacy and how stories can be a powerful communication and learning tool. It details how stories can be used to help social and emotional development and how children can learn to deal with their feelings through stories....... There are practical guidelines for teachers to use in the classroom and a selection of stories that can be used across different age ranges. Telling Tales includes some of these stories, new stories and familiar tales...” Abbie Wightwick, Western Mail.