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Susanna GregorySusanna Gregory is a pseudonym. A police officer in Yorkshire, Susanna went on to study for an MSc at the University of Durham. She then gained a PhD at the University of Cambridge, becoming a Research Fellow at the Scott Polar Research Institute. Susanna has served as an environmental consultant, conducting fieldwork with whales, seals and walruses during seventeen field seasons in the polar regions. She has also taught comparative anatomy and biological anthropology.

As well as her series of novels set in medieval Cambridge, Susanna has written a number of non-fiction books, including titles on castles, cathedrals, historic houses and world travel. She has also written several successful historical novels under the name Simon Beaufort. 2006 saw the publication of the first novel in a new series set in Restoration London; A Conspiracy of Violence. Susanna and her husband, also a writer, live in Wales. She is a Member of Academi.

Selected Publications:

As Susanna Gregory:
The Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew
A Plague on Both Your Houses (Time Warner Paperbacks, 1996)
An Unholy Alliance (St. Martin’s Minotaur, 1996)
A Bone of Contention (St. Martin’s Minotaur, 1997)
A Deadly Brew (Time Warner Paperbacks, 1999)
A Wicked Dead (Time Warner Paperbacks, 2000)
A Masterly Murder (Time Warner Paperbacks, 2000)
The First Matthew Bartholomew Omnibus (The Little, Brown Book Group, 2001) 
An Order for Death (Time Warner Paperbacks, 2002)
A Summer of Discontent (Time Warner Paperbacks, 2002)
A Killer in Winter (The Little, Brown Book Group, 2003) 
The Hand of Justice (The Little, Brown Book Group, 2004) 
The Mark of a Murderer (The Little, Brown Book Group, 2005) 
The Tarnished Chalice (The Little, Brown Book Group, 2006) 
To Kill or Cure (The Little, Brown Book Group, 2007)
The Devil’s Disciples (Sphere, 2008)
A Vein of Deceit (Sphere, 2009)
The Killer of Pilgrims (Sphere, 2010)
The Body in the Thames (Sphere, 2011)

The Restoration London Series / Thomas Chaloner Mysteries
A Conspiracy of Violence (The Little, Brown Book Group, 2006) 
Blood on the Strand (Sphere, 2007)
The Butcher of Smithfield (Sphere, 2008)
The Westminster Poisoner (Sphere, 2008)
A Murder on London Bridge (Sphere, 2009)

As Simon Beaufort:
The Sir Geoffrey Mappestone Mysteries
Murder in the Holy City (St. Martin’s Press, 1998)
A Head for Poisoning (St. Martin’s Press, 1999)
The Bishop’s Brood (Severn House Publishers, 2003)
The King’s Spies (Severn House Publishers, 2004)
The Coiner’s Quarrel (Severn House Publishers, 2004)
Deadly Inheritance (Severn House Publishers, 2010)
The Bloodstained Throne (Severn House, 2010)
A Dead Man's Secret (Severn House, 2010)

A Vein of Deceit (Sphere, 2009)

A Vein of DeceitThere is something very amiss in the finances of Michaelhouse. Despite a new influx of well-heeled students, there is an acute lack of funds for the upkeep of the buildings, even for decent provisions. It is only when the Brother in charge of the account books dies unexpectedly that some sort of explanation is revealed: he has been paying large amounts of money for goods the college itself has never received. Although shocked by this evidence of fraud, Matthew is more concerned with the disappearance from his herbarium of a quantity of pennyroyal, a preparation known to cause a woman to miscarry, and a pregant visitor to his sister's household has died from an overdose of pennyroyal. Had she meant to abort her child or had someone else wanted to ensure she was unable to provide an heir to her husband's wealthy estates? When Matthew learns that it was her husband who had received Michaelhouse's money for undelivered goods he begins to search for other connections and exposes a very treacherous vein of deceit.

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