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Trevor FishlockTrevor Fishlock is an author, broadcaster and foreign correspondent. He has worked on assignment in more than seventy countries and was staff correspondent of The Times in India and New York, and Moscow bureau chief for The Daily Telegraph. He has written books on Wales, India, Russia, America and on nineteenth-century exploration, and has presented more than 150 television programmes about life and history in Wales. His latest book, A Gift of Sunlight: The fortune and quest of the Davies sisters of Llandinam, was published in 2014.

Selected Publications:
Wales and the Welsh (Cassell, 1972)
Talking of Wales (Cassell, 1976)
Wales (Discovering Britain Series) (Faber and Faber, 1979)
Americans and Nothing Else (Cassell, 1980)
Gandhi’s Children (Universe Publishing, 1983)
India File: Inside the Subcontinent (John Murray, 1983)
The State of America (John Murray, 1986)
Indira Gandhi (Profiles Series) (Hamish Hamilton, 1986)
Out of Red Darkness (John Murray, 1992)
Say Who You Are (BBC Wales Annual Radio Lecture) (BBC Cymru, 1993)
My Foreign Country: Trevor Fishlock on Britain (John Murray, 1997)
Wild Tracks (Seren, 1998)
Cobra Road: an Indian Journey (John Murray, 1999)
More Fishlock’s Wild Tracks (Seren, 2000)
Trevor Fishlock’s Sea Stories (Seren, 2003)
Conquerors of Time: Exploration and Invention in the Age of Daring (John Murray, 2004)
More Fishlock’s Sea Stories (Ceiniog, 2005)
In this Place (National Library of Wales, 2007)
Senedd (Graffeg, 2010)
Pembrokeshire: Journeys and Stories (Gomer, 2011)
A Gift of Sunlight: The fortune and quest of the Davies sisters of Llandinam (Gomer, 2014)

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