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Lionel FanthorpeBorn in Dereham, Norfolk, 1935. Educated Barnard Castle School and Hamond’s Grammar School, Swaffham, Keswick College of Education, The Open University; Member of MENSA; Member of Equity; Member of The Welsh Academy; Fellow of The College of Preceptors; Priest in The Church in Wales; Fellow of The Institute of Management; former headmaster of comprehensive school; prize-winning published poet; currently educational and managerial consultant, tutor, radio and TV presenter, actor and entertainer, columnist for South Wales Echo. Lionel has sold 200 novels and collections of short stories since 1952. His television and radio presentations include Fortean TV (Channel 4); Stranger than Fiction (Westcountry TV); Stations of the Cross (HTV Wales); Nostradamus (Channel 4); The Oak Island Mystery, The Barbados Coffin Mystery, The Alamo, The Roswell Mystery and The World SF Convention in San Antonio (all BBC Radio).

Selected Publications:
God in All Things (Bishopsgate Press, 1987)
Thoughts and Prayers for Troubled Times (Bishopsgate Press, 1989)
Thoughts and Prayers for Lonely Times (Bishopsgate Press, 1992)
Thoughts and Prayers for Special Occasions (Bishopsgate Press, 1992)
Children of the Bible (Bishopsgate Press, 1994)
Thoughts and Prayers for Healing Times (Bishopsgate Press, 1995)
Thoughts and Prayers for the Bereaved (Bishopsgate Press, 1995)
Thoughts and Prayers with the Bible: New Testament Book 1 (Bishopsgate Press, 1995)
Thoughts and Prayers with the Bible: New Testament Book 2 (Bishopsgate Press, 1995)
The World’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries (Hounslow Press, 1997)
The World’s Most Mysterious People (Hounslow Press, 1998)
The World’s Most Mysterious Places (Hounslow Press, 1999)
The Abbot’s Kitchen (Bellevue Books)
Death, the Final Mystery (Hounslow Press, 2000)
Earth, Sea and Sky: The Collected Poems of Lionel Fanthorpe (Lionel & Patricia Fanthorpe, 2000)
Thoughts and Prayers for Changing Times (Bishopsgate Press, 2001)
Thoughts and Prayers for Stressful Times (Bishopsgate Press, 2001)
Thoughts and Prayers for Growing Christians (Bishopsgate Press, 2001)

Contributed to:
Black Lion (co-writer) (Greystoke Mobrey, 1979)
Holy Grail Revealed: The Real Secret of Rennes-le-Chateau (co-writer) (Newcastle Publishing Company, 1982)
Story of Saint Francis of Assisi (co-writer) (Bishopsgate Press, 1989)
Birds and Animals of the Bible (co-writer) (Bishopsgate Press, 1990)
Christman Story (co-writer) (Bishopsgate Press, 1990)
Rennes-Le-Château: its Mysteries and Secrets (co-writer) (Bellevue Books, 1991)
Joseph: Dreamer, Prisoner and Provider (co-writer) (Bishopsgate Press, 1992)
Noah and the Great Flood (co-writer) (Bishopsgate Press, 1992)
The Oak Island Mystery: The Secret of the World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt (co-writer) (Hounslow Press, 1995)
Mysteries of the Bible (co-writer) (Hounslow Press, 1999)
KISS Guide to the Unexplained (Keep It Simple Series) (co-writer) (Dorling Kindersley, 2002)
The World’s Most Mysterious Objects (co-writer) (Dundurn Group, 2002)
Talking Stones (co-writer) (Gomer, 2003)
The World’s Most Mysterious Murders (co-writer) (Dundurn Group, 2003)
Mysteries of Templar Treasure and the Holy Grail: The Secrets of Rennes Le Chateau (co-writer) (Red Wheel / Weise, 2004)
Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea (co-writer) (Dundurn Group, 2004)
Mysteries and Secrets of the Templars: The Story Behind the Da Vinci Code (co-writer) (Dundurn Group, 2005)
World’s Most Mysterious Castles (co-writer) (Dundurn Group, 2005)
Mysteries and Secrets of the Masons: The Story Behind the Masonic Order (co-writer) (Dundurn Group, 2006)
Mysteries and Secrets of Time: Time Warps, Time Travel, Reincarnation and Deja Vu (co-writer) (Dundurn Group, 2007)
Mysteries and Secrets of Voodoo, Santeria, and Obeah (co-writer) (Dundurn Group, 2008)
Secrets of the World’s Undiscovered Treasures (co-writer) (Dundurn Group, 2009)
Big Book of Mysteries (co-writer) (Natural Heritage Books, 2010)