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Anne CluysenaarPoet. Anne was born in Belgium but is an Irish citizen. She was educated at Trinity College, Dublin and the University of Edinburgh. She is secretary of the Usk Valley Vaughan Association, editor/poetry editor of Scintilla and visiting teacher of creative writing at the University of Wales, Cardiff. Her recent collection of poems, entitled Batu-Angas (Seren, 2008), explores material and spiritual evolution, and includes a poetic biography of Usk-born naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace. Anne is also preparing text for son et lumière, Tintern 2000. She is a Fellow of Academi.


”…The movements between the geographical, cultural and linguistic flows of each place engage her, but Cluysenaar is also a poet of the natural world for whom its rituals, symbols and occasional brutality provide a rich vein of source material…”
Vona Groake

”…Emphasis upon language as a medium of what is shared, by human beings and between human beings and the rest of nature, is at the heart of Cluysenaar’s poetry…”
Jeremy Hooker

Selected Publications:
New Poets of Ireland (Denver, 1963)
Nodes: Selected poems, 1960-1968 (Poetry Ireland Editions) (Dolmen Press, 1971)
Introduction to Literary Stylistics: A Discussion of Dominant Structure in Verse and Prose (Batsford, 1976)
Poetry Introduction 4 (Faber and Faber, 1978)
Double Helix (Carcanet, 1982)
Timeslips, New and Selected Poems (Carcanet, 1997)
The Life of Metrical and Free Verse (Jon Silkin, 1997) 
Batu-Angas (Seren, 2008)
Water to Breath (Flarestack Poets, 2009)
Migrations (Cinnamon, 2011)

Contributed to:
English Poetry since 1960 (contributor) (Carcanet, 1972)
The Virago Book of Love Poetry (contributor) (Virago, 1990)
The White Page/An Phileog Bhan - Twentieth Century Irish Women Poets (contributor) (Salmon, 1999)
Scintilla (Scintilla (Usk)) (co-editor) (Usk Valley Vaughan Association, 2000)
The Hare That Hides Within: Poems About St. Melangell (co-editor) (Parthian, 2004)
Is a Religious Poem Possible in the Early 21st Century? (co-editor) (Flarestack, 2004)


Batu-Angas (Seren, 2008)

Batu-AngasAlfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), a famous scientist, is the inspiration for this sequence of poems by Anne Cluysenaar. The title (meaning burnt rocks or cooled lava) is derived from the language spoken on the volcanic island of Ternate.

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