Kevin Powell welcomed back to Wales

Published Wed 22 Nov 2017 - By Literature Wales

Literature Wales is pleased to welcome back to Wales one of contemporary America’s most admired political, literary and hip-hop voices. Kevin Powell will visit Wales this week for a day of empowering conversations and insight, speaking to a wide range of people from policy makers to local youth groups. Literature Wales is working with partners at Welsh Government and Wales Millennium Centre to facilitate his visit.

He returns to Cardiff after his role in 2014 as one of the Dylan Thomas 100 international ambassadors, during which he inspired groups of young people to approach Dylan’s work with fresh eyes.  An inspirational public speaker, Kevin Powell is also author of several books, including his recent acclaimed memoir The Education of Kevin Powell.  As a senior writer for Vibe Magazine he interviewed such diverse names as Tupac Shakur and Colin Powell.

On his forthcoming visit, Kevin Powell said: “I am thrilled to return to Wales a few years after working so closely with political and cultural leaders and community members there around the centennial of Dylan Thomas. Given all happening in our world today, around leadership, diversity, violence, and the crisis in manhood, I feel it more important than ever that folks like myself help to foster very necessary conversations which lead toward healing, and change.”

He will be in Cardiff ahead of taking part at the Southbank Centre’s prestigous Being a Man Festival.

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