The Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards

Published Mon 5 Feb 2018 - By Literature Wales
Credit: MLR Photo

Jan Morris CBE, FRSL, travel writer, journalist, and novelist, has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to travel writing by The Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards, in association with luxury tailor made travel specialist Hayes & Jarvis. Having spent more than half her life travelling, penning more than forty books and countless essays, articles and reviews, Jan Morris has been described as the greatest descriptive writer of her time and has introduced readers to the world through her words. Jan’s first ever book of Diaries, In My Mind’s Eye, will be published by Faber in September 2018.

Accepting her Award, Jan said: “What I’m writing about is not the journey or the travel or even to some extent the place, but the effect of a place upon a particular individual’s sensibility… Thank you so much for my [award]. It is a beautiful thing and very suitable for me as it represents the world I have spent my time looking at and thinking about.”

Also, taking home the award for Hayes & Jarvis Fiction, with a Sense of Place, was Tristan Hughes, whose latest novel Hummingbird (Parthian Books), an emotional journey through the Canadian wilderness, shone out against competition from multi-award-winning titles including Nicole Dennis-Benn’s Here Comes the Sun and Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko. Congratulations to both Jan and Tristan on their awards!

The Awards were hosted on 1 February at the Stanfords Travel Writers Festival taking place at Destinations: The Holiday and Travel Show at Olympia. Each winner received an antique globe trophy.

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