A poetry workshop open to the public organised by Lampeter Writers’ Workshop

Poetry Workshop with Helen May Williams: Retelling Myths in Different Voices

In this workshop, you will be working with a myth or legend of your choice. You don’t need to know all its details, but you might find it useful to bring it back to mind before the workshop. Everyone will have a different myth, which speaks to them: for some it will be a well-loved story from The Mabinogion or The Brothers Grimm, for others it will be a story from Greek or Roman or Norse mythology. You will explore different ways of retelling your chosen myth and find ways to make an ancient story resonate anew in a contemporary setting.

Poet and author, Helen May Williams, has written extensively on twentieth-century poetry and formerly taught at the University of Warwick. She runs the Poetry Society’s Carmarthen-based Stanza group and is an active member of Penfro Poets. Her poetry book, The Princess of Vix is published by Three Drops Press.


Supported by the Writers on Tour programme from Literature Wales.