One year ago, the first ever Milieu show happened at Little Man Coffee. The evening was busy, popular and enjoyable, pushing the organisers to turn Milieu into an ever-evolving collective of writers, poets, artists, photographers, creatives who delivered some of the best nights of literature/art in Cardiff.

So far, Milieu has done six shows with over twenty writers, ten artists, four photographers, and a singular musician. They have popped up in a burger restaurant, a Welsh-speaking deli and Little Man Coffee.

This final event of the year aims to be the biggest Milieu yet, and the line-up reflects that.

Writers: Ben Smith, Clare Potter, Mark Blayney, Rhys Milsom, Joao Morais, Rebecca Parfitt, Nigel Jarrett.

Artists: Liam Barrett and Jaydon Martin.

Times will be released soon, so keep an eye out on the Facebook page and join Milieu to celebrate a very successful year.