‘The Art of Fiction’ – a creative writing workshop with Rob Mimpriss

The art of fiction involves the balancing of two very different skills. On the one hand, we place our characters within a believable world, both natural and built, and within an economy and society which provides and limits our characters’ opportunities, and which they struggle against, or find their place within. On the other hand, we seek to explore the inner lives of our characters, and the stories, true or false, which they tell about themselves, as heroes, as victims or as villains. This seminar will draw on characters from Wales and America, the novel and the short story, to explore the ways in which realistic fiction can be enriched by the myths which are concealed within us all.

Rob Mimpriss is the author of three short-story collections: Reasoning, For His Warriors and Prayer at the End (all Cockatrice Books), and of translations of work by Richard Hughes Williams, Owen Wynne Jones, and Morgan Llwyd. As Artistic Coordinator of the North Wales Mental Health Research Project, he was recently editor of Dangerous Asylums, an anthology of fiction inspired by the history of Denbigh Hospital. He is a member of the Welsh Academy, and holds a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing from Portsmouth University.

1.00pm – 3.00pm

£5 (£4 concession)

Supported by Literature Wales