Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival returns with a weekend of tales, films, exhibitions, talks, and music inspired by Y Mabinogi Project 2015.

Featuring Dreaming the Night Field, with Michael Harvey, Lynne Denman and Stacey Blythe; Cath Little tells Enid and Geraint; Guto Dafis entertains with the tale of Manawydan; Jez Danks and Dafydd Davies Hughes speak with two tongues; Phil Okwedy and Mikey Price present the Dance of the Stick-Fighting Warriors; Gwilym Morus weaves new cloth from old thread; Fiona Collins and Sian Parry follow the Dream of Macsen Wledig; Tamar Williams tells The Girl Who Came In From The Sea; Bethan Mascarenhas delves into dark tales from Wales; a special gathering of the Young Storytellers of Wales; Maria Hayes will be drawing live; an exhibition of illustrators’ art inspired by contemporary themes in the old tales; linguistic art and wordplay with Naomi Heath; a free showing of ‘Eldra,’ an evocative film about the North Welsh Gypsies; a day-long symposium of talks and films blending academia and creativity; two new History Press book launches; and in the unlikely event that it rains old women with sticks, there will be conversation, cake and coffee in the cafe!
Please Note:  Adverse Camber Productions’ Dreaming The Night Field on Saturday 11 March is included in the Storytelling Festival pass.
Tickets: £35